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Preparing for Final Exams

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Preparing for Final Exams
by Neaves, Amy - Tuesday, June 27, 2017, 9:23 AM

Happy Reading Day, Shaw students! Today's a great day to prepare for final exams. Without classes meeting, use the time to 

  • review the set dates and/or times for your final exams
    • if your final exam is online via Moodle, please see the information below on preparing yourself technologically
  • find a comfortable, quiet place to focus/study
  • set aside time to review course content in Moodle
    • use resources like Quizlet to create flashcards
  • contact your professor(s) with any questions you may have
  • prepare yourself technologically 
    • ensure that you can log into Bearsnet/Moodle; if not, contact the IT helpdesk as soon as possible (919.546.8587,
    • review the short video tutorial below about taking assessments, if your exam is administered via Moodle:

    • pick a location with reliable Internet to take your exams online
  • rest and take good care of yourself!
  • dress for success, even if you're not coming to campus to take your exam; you'll feel more prepared and confident going into your finals.

Best of luck on your final exams, and congratulations on the completion of the semester at Shaw University!